2017 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars Winner: Sweet Bee Sisters

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Young Americans Center for Financial Education is proud to announce the winner of the 2017 Spotlight on YouthBiz Stars 16-21 Age Category: Sweet Bee Sisters, owned by Lily (age 17), Chloe (age 15), and Sophie (age 13) Warren!

Sweet Bee Sisters started with a problem—what to do with leftover beeswax from their parents’ two beehives. The sisters decided to turn the beeswax into lip balm, and the business grew from there. After initially selling the product to family and friends, they made their first real money at a holiday YouthBiz Marketplace.

Eight years, 20 stores, and more than 20,000 tubes later, Lily, Chloe and Sophie are an inspiration to their siblings and to other youth business owners. They love to share how business has taught them about marketing, about talking to customers and about themselves. And they are honored to have met such amazing people in the business world, including their mentor, Traci Lounsbury.

With Traci’s guidance, Lily, Sophie and Chloe would like to further develop their marketing and social media strategy while expanding Sweet Bee’s products into national distribution lines. They may even hire additional help to make all of this possible.

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