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String Theory Clocks Ready for Sales at YouthBiz Spring Marketplace

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A YouthBiz participant showing off his custom clocks that he created

Chandler Nayman displays his finished products for the YouthBiz Marketplace

The YouthBiz Spring Marketplace opens tomorrow, Saturday, April 24, and both vendors and staff can’t wait for the shopping to begin!  We caught up  with one of our more successful vendors from the YouthBiz Holiday Marketplace, Chandler Nayman of String Theory Clocks, to learn more about his business, his experience with Marketplace, and his goals for sales.

YouthBiz:  Hi Chandler, it’s so great to talk to you.  Can you tell us what is the name of your business and what do you sell?

String Theory Clocks: The name of my small business is String Theory Clocks. I sell handmade, geometric string art clocks and art. Each clock is unique and acts as a piece of functional art. 

YouthBiz: What was your favorite part of participating in Marketplace last December?A YouthBiz participant building his custom clocks with skein of string

String Theory Clocks: I really enjoyed the flexibility of the online Marketplace.  Instead of just four hours, I had several weeks to showcase my products. This longer span of time allowed me to make adjustments to my listings, refresh my inventory, and take custom orders. It has also been a dream of mine to start my own online retail store and website. The Marketplace allowed me to take my first shot at online retail and it went very well!  

YouthBiz:  What are you most excited about for the YouthBiz Online Spring Marketplace this year?

Samples of string theory clock faces in the process of completionString Theory Clocks: I had a lot of success in the Holiday Marketplace and I hope to match or surpass what I did last winter! I am trying to bring in some brighter colors into my designs for the spring. I learned a lot from the winter and I hope the adjustments I make will benefit me this time around. It is always fun to have an opportunity to showcase my small business and see the demand for my product that I have spent the last 10 years perfecting. YouthBiz has made a large impact on my life since I was 10 and I will surely enjoy this opportunity to showcase my small business! 

Check out String Theory Clocks and many more products through Sunday, May 2 at

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