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UK ReportersEven before there was a physical International Towne at Young Americans Center, there was an International Towne summer camp.  However, the program has come a long way from its beginnings to become one of campers’ favorites.  Here are some highlights from the two International Towne Summer Camps held this summer!

On Tuesday, campers participated in a Towne-wide scavenger hunt called the Amazing Race.  Students worked together to solve problems and find clues about different countries.  There was a lot of positive energy and laughter, but still a lot of learning happening was happening at the same time.

Another fun lesson involved learning about the gestures and greetings that are common in each country found in International Towne.  For example, “Hello” in Russia is “Priviet,” and in Japan it is customary to bow when meeting someone.  Campers used this knowledge when they ran International Towne at the end of the week—some citizens wouldn’t let travelers enter their country without a proper greeting!

International Towne has a leader, called the Chief Justice, that is elected by his/her peers.  The two Justices during IT Camps this year were phenomenal!  One had been coming to Young Americans Center Summer Camps for the last five years, and the other translated his entire speech into sign language.

Even though IT camp is over for this summer, there are still four more fun weeks of learning happening during the month of July.  And if you’re interested in running the world in an IT Camp next summer, be sure to visit our website in early January when registration begins!

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