Summer is here!

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This is the best time of the year for our energetic programs staff!  Every week, a new set of smiling faces comes in ready to have a very educational and exciting week of learning with a cumulative experience on Friday.

This year some new and exciting camps are happening for the first time ever which are very exciting for our programs. This year we have the opportunity to pilot camps in two new locations. We are honored to be invited into the Saint Vrain school district for two weeks of programming. The first camp will be for kids who have completed second or third grade and we will focus on the basics of the free enterprise system. For the second week Young Ameritowne will be offered for those who have completed fifth grade. Our other location will be at the Colorado Academy, but we are offering the same two camps.  Visit the Colorado Academy website for registration.

Teaching the lessons is a great opportunity for the staff to dive into the lessons that are part of our curriculum during the school year. Teaching helps us see where there may be improvements we can add into for the next school year and test the improvements we have already added.

In all of these summer camps we focus on empowering youth to find their true interests and abilities and relating them straight back to the real world. Watching kids discover an empowering passion and understanding of the world around them is what makes us come back every day.


Parent tip for summer:

Use the hand-out from camp as a discussion aid to further learning and interest outside of camp.  Relate it to your childrens’ lives and your finances to bring it closer to home.

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