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With summer just around the corner, Young Americans Center is gearing up for its five different summer camps!  If you’re interested in attending but aren’t sure which camp is right for you, here’s a guide.  But before you find out all about each of our camps, here are some fun facts!  Did you know:

  • Young Americans Center offered its first summer camp, Young AmeriTowne, in 1990. That’s 26 years of camps!
  • Our first summer camp was Young AmeriTowne, and it has been offered every summer since then.
  • Since 1990, 17,049 young people have attended summer camps at Young Americans!

Now, on to our camps!  Summer camps at Young Americans are a week long.  Campers will participate in all sorts of age-specific lessons designed to teach banking, entrepreneurship, budgeting, economics, government, and philanthropy.  We strongly believe that hands-on experiences contribute greatly to quality learning, so all lessons have an active component—movement, art, games, group work, and discussion.  Each camp culminates in a big event like running a Towne, running a Marketplace, or participating in a Shark Tank or expo.  Best of all, our camps are let by experienced staff that LOVE working with young people!


Junior Money Matters – Completed 2nd or 3rd Grade

Explore fun things about money, banking and the world of work, while learning important basic financial skills. On the last day, you get to work in a business and run your very own life-like town.


Business 2 120Running Your Own Business – Completed 3rd or 4th Grade

Curious about starting your own business?  This program explores the basics of what it takes to get started, allows you to experiment with ideas, and helps you decide what business you might want to start.


2 Police Stand by Laws 120Young AmeriTowne – Completed 4th or 5th Grade

Here is your chance to learn about government, banking, economics, supply and demand, advertising and much more! Then put your knowledge to work by running your own life-like town on the last day.


IMG_0907Young AmeriTowne2 – Completed 5th or 6th Grade AND Young AmeriTowne

Been through Young AmeriTowne and want to go again with more challenges? Young AmeriTowne2 is for you! Learn about investing, budgeting, credit and debit cards, and experience Young AmeriTowne like never before.


IMG_0489Girls Can – Completed 5th or 6th Grade

This week is about girl-power! Discover how to be financially fit, simulate stock market trading, travel the world, learn about women leaders, speak with awesome business women and on Friday, run Young AmeriTowne!


IMG_0115International Towne – Completed 5th or 6th Grade

Are you interested in learning about foreign currency, global trading and cultures around the world? Learn all this and more! Then on Friday, you will “travel” and run the world as a citizen of International Towne.


IMG_0335Be Your Own Boss – Completed 5th or 6th Grade

Are you serious about working for yourself? Be Your Own Boss teaches specific skills you need to start and run a successful business. On Friday, participants share their business plans and ideas through a Mini Shark Tank pitch and at the Small Biz Kid Expo.


Camp dates, online registration, and more information is available on our website:  We hope to see you this summer!!

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