Summing Up Summer Camps 2015

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Jordan and Shirley MaeSummer Camp 2015 has come to an end; but what an exciting summer it has been!!  For starters, 994 campers attended a camp this year, the highest attendance Young Americans Center has ever seen!  Young Americans Center ran 13 summer camps in all at our Denver and Belmar locations, ranging from Junior Money Matters for 7-8 year olds interested in learning the basics of money to International Towne for 11-12 year olds looking to run the world.  We were also able to award 49 scholarships to 49 deserving young people, enabling them to attend camp.  As the Programs staff prepares for the start of our school year in September, I want to share some highlights from this summer:

  • Campers in Be Your Own Boss each created an amazing business plan—that’s 80 Market workersbusiness plans!
  • Junior Money Matters Campers played “The Savings Game” which is a shortened, active version of the board game The Game of Life. Using a life-size board, 7-8 year olds used a register to keep track of their spending and earnings as they moved around the board.
  • The Chief Justice of International Towne Camp translated his entire election speech into sign language.
  • Running Your Own Business Campers made their very own ice cream!
  • While experiencing an introduction to economics, politics, and banking, Girls Can Campers also learned how to apply and interview for a job, ran an incredible day of AmeriTowne, and made new friends.
  • Future 5th and 6th graders went “beyond the basics” in Young AmeriTowne2 and practiced being adults for a week. They learned how to create a budget (including how much bills actually cost), and they learned how to get the best deals in the grocery store.

Mayor workingBe sure to check out our website,,  in early 2016 when registration for next summer’s camps begins online.  You don’t want to miss out on all this FUNancial learning!

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