Entrepreneur Success: Supporting One Another

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This is a guest post by Nyla Higgs, a 10-year-old owner of Aahhh 2 J’s Lemonade, and bank customer.  Read below how she is growing her business while supporting the businesses of other young entrepreneurs.

Nyla Higgs poses with her sister during the Spring Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace.

Nyla Higgs poses with her sister during the Spring Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace.

For my 10th birthday party I wanted to go to Sweet and Sassy. There they do your hair and your nails and you get to ride in a limo, so my mother said that I could have my party at Sweet and Sassy but I had to help pay for it because it is kind of expensive. I already had money that I made from my lemonade sales during National Lemonade Day 2012 in June and I was able to do two more events that allowed me to earn the money that I needed to pay for my birthday party at sweet and Sassy.

The girls at Nyla's birthday party enjoy the activities with EGI.

The girls at Nyla’s birthday party enjoy the activities with EGI.

In the month of September 2012 at the dinner for the Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs business competition, I met Mia and Cheyenne who are the owners of Everything Girly Imaginable. After they told me what their business was, I told my mom that I wanted to use them for my birthday party instead of going to Sweet Sassy so that I can support their business.

I was able to use the money that I earned from my lemonade sales to pay Mia and Cheyenne for coming out to do my birthday party where my cousins and I got our hair done and our nails done with some super cute designs. We didn’t get to ride in a limo but my mother says that riding in a limo is overrated. It cost me $145.00 but I would have paid Sweet and Sassy $350.00 or more so I saved $205.00. I was able to pay for my whole party by myself and we had a great time.

We love the crossover between these two wonderful businesses.  If you have a story about your youth business success, please tell us below!

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