April Financial Literacy Month Activities

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April is Financial Literacy Month and boy do we should have a lot planned!  There are classes and activities and tour and a Marketplace.  Wow!  See below for the schedule and be sure to check our website for updates. Classes April 4, 2015 Savings Game (ages 9-12)- An interactive game where kids discuss ways to save money and learn how …

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Exciting Entrepreneur Events

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Our entrepreneurship program kicked off 2015 with a bang!  We hosted a fantastic event with Denver Open Media where several businesses got to film and edit their own commercials.  The event was a hit and we’re looking at scheduling another one, so stay tuned. In the meantime, however, we have some fantastic events coming up if you’re looking to start …

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Tales from Towne: The Investment Company

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How early is it to begin discussing investing with children? As soon as a child demonstrates curiosity about investing, they may be ready to learn some basics. Many kids are hungry to learn about investing and are eager to watch their dollars grow. You can plant a seed as soon as they inquire. Investment Company The Investment Company is one …

Sara Says: Loans for the Little Ones Provide Big Life Lessons

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In last month’s post on holiday savings, I mentioned that you may offer to help your child pay for holiday purchases. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fork over money you may never see again. In fact, you are well within your rights and providing an invaluable learning opportunity by offering your youngster a loan. Lending money to adult …

Second Saturdays Are Back

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Our popular and unique Second Saturday classes are back this fall.  Each month, we host scores of young bank customers and AmeriTowne alums to teach them the next step in their personal finance. Classes are one hour long and focus on great lessons for youth ages 3 to 8.  The youngest class attendees get to play Coin Carnival, a fun …

Sara Says: Your Child Should Keep a Spending Journal

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Economists tend to think of people as rational and unemotional when dealing with money. As a parent, you know how difficult it can be to tell your child “no”. That can be emotional for you and your child, can’t it? Even if you never deny your child’s wants (yeah, right), common sense tells us that we aren’t robots that mechanically …