Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Ashley Dunn and Andrew Rusin, Youth Advisory Board Co-Chairs

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Bill Daniels liked having youth involved during development of the bank and new products. He valued their opinions and wanted their “stamp of approval.”

Bill loved the Youth Advisory Board and treated them as knowledgeable and valuable board members. Over the next several months, you’ll be introduced to each this year’s Youth Advisory Board members. Their participation is always enlightening and inspiring.Co-Chairs of Youth Advisory Board, Ashley Dunn and Andrew Rusin

Ashley Dunn and Andrew Rusin are Co-Chairs of this year’s Board.  Ashley is a senior at Prospect Ridge Academy and is excited to serve as co-chair for the 2021-2022 school year. She previously served on the board in 2018-19. Ashley is Varsity athlete on the Women’s Soccer team.  She is also President of the school’s National Honors Society.

Andrew is also a senior this year. He attends South High School where he is a member of the Engineering Team, the Investment Club, as well as Speech and Debate. Andrew served as a member of the Youth Advisory Board in 2018-19 and has a long relationship with Young Americans as a bank customer as well as a participant in Young AmeriTowne and International Towne.

Outside of school, Ashley has been a longtime volunteer with the National Sports Center for the Disabled as a Junior Ski Coach.  This organization runs nationally recognized recreational and competitive programs.  During her summers, Ashley has worked at the Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club.

With a strong work ethic and outstanding organizational skills, Ashley is a committed and enthusiastic leader who cares deeply about growing the financial literacy of children all over Colorado.  In addition to wanting to serve the community, she is also activity interested in ways that she can help her peers invest in themselves to be better be prepared for the future.

Like Ashley, Andrew also shines on the field.  He is a varsity athlete on the Men’s Soccer and Baseball teams.

Outside of school, Andrew has an entrepreneurial spirit.  He started his own mowing business and over the last several years, Andrew has worked at Waterways and as a caddy at Cherry Hills Country Club.

With wonderful disposition, positive attitude, and passion for learning and leadership, Andrew together with Ashley have helped plan a great year.

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