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Tales from Towne: Students make a difference, will you?

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Students donate AmeriTowne dollars to the Community First Foundation Donation Station.

Philanthropy is a big part of financial literacy, and it’s something that students who come to Young AmeriTowne take to heart!  With Colorado Gives Day just around the corner on Tuesday, December 4, making a difference is top of mind.  So, we’d like to share two “tales of philanthropy” to help inspire you!

First, some background.  At school, students take part in a philanthropy lesson where they learn the benefits of giving their time, talent, or treasure.  Teachers encourage students to select a nonprofit they would like to support during the field trip to Young AmeriTowne.  There, students’ individual and business “AmeriTowne dollar” donations are matched ten cents on the dollar by real money provided by Schlessman Family Foundation (Young AmeriTowne Headquarters), Community First Foundation (Young AmeriTowne Belmar), or OtterCares Foundation (Young AmeriTowne On the Road). As a result, student decisions to donate actually make a difference in the community!

Recently, Northridge Elementary students really showed their passion for giving during their field trip to Young AmeriTowne.  At the end of the day, the Accountant for the Newspaper was finishing his shop ledger.  After calculating total income and subtracting the bank loan repayment, he found that the shop had a profit of almost $100.  Immediately, the Accountant asked if he could donate their profit.  The Newspaper staff had chosen to donate to the Dumb Friends League, so he eagerly wrote a check for the full profit.  “Guys, this is the best part, we’re donating almost $10 of real money!”  he announced to his shop amid cheers from his classmates.  “Who wants to put it in the donation station?”

Another tale of philanthropy comes from Park Lane Elementary, a school that recently visited Young AmeriTowne On The Road.  In an editorial for the Newspaper, the Editor wrote about donating:  “My opinion is that people should donate to the food bank for Thanksgiving.  People should give the food they do not need to the food bank for the people who need the food.  The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything to help someone in need.”

It is truly encouraging to see young people with a drive to change the world.  If these students can make a difference, will you?

Support and encourage them by donating to Young Americans Center for Financial Education on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 4.

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