Tales from Towne: Summer Camp Guest Speakers

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Campers had to work in teams on various projects all throughout camp.

Campers had to work in teams on various projects all throughout camp.

Summer camp is in full swing and the Programs staff is enjoying having 2nd through 7th graders in our facility for week long camps. Our camps give the staff a chance to teach kids all about running your own business, being your own boss, International Towne, and Young Ameritowne.  Programs staff love getting to know kids throughout the week of camp.

Practical knowledge for young entrepreneurs

Over the course of the week our staff teach lessons about entrepreneurship and help our campers experience, as best we can, the process of starting businesses. This includes start-up funding, understanding their competition and how to conduct market research.  We have had the pleasure of welcoming local entrepreneurs to present to our campers, allowing the kids to see all the concepts they have been learning about as they have been put into practice by those entrepreneurs.

Last week in the Be Your Own Boss camp, campers learned how to start their own businesses and practice pitching their business ideas.  On Monday we were lucky enough to have Dave Meyers, founder of Campuscene speak and answer questions about starting his business. Campuscene is a website and app that helps students choose colleges that are right for them by giving them more than statistics and averages to help them choose. Campuscene provides new insight into campus life and helps students envision what it is like to attend specific institutions.  He was honest about building a business around technology and what to expect when you start your own business. This helped the kids understand the process of finding investors and how companies get people interested in funding businesses.

Sharing their stories

Tanner and Taylor from Alkaline Clothing Co. spoke about their young entrepreneur experience.

Tanner and Taylor from Alkaline Clothing Co. spoke about their young entrepreneur experience.

Taylor Palmie and Tanner Barkin, founders of Alkaline Clothing Co. guest spoke at the camp as well. Taylor and Tanner were only slightly older than our 6th graders when they started their business of screen printing t-shirts. Their presentation helped the kids realize the importance of balance between attending school and a business, and how the two possess different strengths to their businesses’ advantage.  Both Tanner and Taylor are college students and were candid about balancing their school studies and running their business.  In addition they described how each of them contributes different strengths to their business. Taylor concentrates on the business side of things, while Tanner  focuses on the design of their t-shirts. Together they have been able to form a successful business because their strengths complement each other so well.

Guest speakers in camp add an extra element to the camp experience. We can teach lessons on how to be an entrepreneur all week, but guest speakers can give kids insight in a practical way that lets them knows the hardships and successes that come with Being Your Own Boss!

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