Top 10 Reasons Why You Should be a Young Entrepreneur at Young Americans

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TOP10So you think you want to start a business?  We have 10 great reasons why you should come to us to help you get started.  Can you think of more?  Share them with us in the comments section below.

  1. Young Americans Bank. We have a bank just for you! Open a personal or business account, or apply for a business loan. We have a branch, online banking, and the best bank staff ever!
  2. Young Entrepreneurs Marketplaces in December.  Young Entrepreneurs made over $12,000 in 4 hours last year. We still have room at our Belmar location if you want to get in on a piece of the action.
  3. Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace in springtime.  A great time to sell crafts for Mother’s Day, wedding season, and graduation gifts.
  4. Builders Lab.  Our new platform that guides and inspires no matter where you are with your business!
  5. Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs is our annual youth business competition. The application will open in January this year, and the winner in each age category wins $1,000 and be paired with a business leader for the local community to work with as a mentor.
  6. Business Tours.  In 2015, we will visit Denver Open Media and the Denver Fashion Center.  Want to come and see how business is done?  Signup for these tours will be available soon.
  7. Saturday Classes.  We love to help our kids get ready for events and to grow and develop their businesses. Check online and sign up for free.
  8. Personal Business Coaching. Want more? Come sit down for some business consulting at Young Americans. We can use one of our many conference spaces.
  9. Social Media Promotion.  We want to showcase your work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help you find new customers. Follow us, tag is in your posts, and share with our networks.
  10. Summer Camps.  Want to create a business in a week to see how fun and easy it is? We would love to have you in any of our summer camps, especially Running Your Own Business and Be Your Own Boss.  Registration starts in January.

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