Top 3 Reasons to go to YA Summer Camp

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Camp registration has begun at Young Americans Center for Financial Education for summer, 2020!  These week-long day camps allow students entering grades three through eight in fall, 2020 to build a business, run a Towne, rule the world, and gain money smarts in a fun, hands-on way.  Campers who participated last summer gave us three reasons why you should sign-up your student this year:

Where else are you gonna learn this stuff?

As the Currency Exchange Specialist in Singapore during International Towne Camp last summer, 12-year-old Julian was having a blast.  He was responsible for exchanging money and ensuring that every citizen paid his/her credit card bill, and he wasn’t sure there was any other experience that would teach him the life skills he learned in Towne.  “Maybe you’ll learn this stuff when you get a job?” he asked.

Junior Money Matters campers learned all about money last summer, and their week culminated by running Young AmeriTowne.  “You’ll never want to leave,” remarked one camper.

So Much Fun

In Junior Money Matters Camp last summer, nine-year-old Carter worked as a Teller in the AmeriTowne Bank.  “I actually came back for a second time because it’s so much fun,” he said.  “You’ll never want to leave.”  He paused to help a fellow camper deposit his $20 paycheck, then added, “I was so excited about today that I couldn’t sleep!”

Something Different

There are camps for nearly every interest, but Young Americans Center’s camps are unique because they offer a different kind of learning experience.  Make It ‘Appen camp, for example, is perfect for budding coders that want to learn about how to apply their skills in an entrepreneurial way.  Last summer, ten-year-old Jacob created an app called Virtual Racing, a driving game that would make money by selling premium vehicle features.  After creating the app, researching the competition, and creating a basic business plan, Jacob pitched his business to a panel of judges on the last day.  “It was really fun to work on something I haven’t done before,” said Jacob after his pitch.

Are you ready to sign up?  Visit our Summer Camps page to browse this summer’s schedule, then sign up online.  Make this summer an experience that, in the words of Bank Teller Carter, “You’ll remember forever!”

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