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Turning Ideas into Reality at the YouthBiz StartUp and Colorado Uplift Pitch Competition Finale

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Young Americans Center for Financial Education hosted the Finale of the Colorado UpLift / YouthBiz StartUp Pitch Competitions last Thursday, November 15.  And wow, were we impressed!  Student business teams from three Denver Public Schools participated: Photofly (7thgrade class) and Hop Light Ski Mask (8thgrade class) from Skinner Middle School, Beauty Solutions from West Leadership Academy and Fidget Liner from Hill Campus of Arts and Science.

Photofly Prototype Phone Smile

Photofly members Jack and Ethan, 7th graders at Skinner Middle School, show off their impressive prototype.

These groups won $100 in their school pitch competitions against their classmates and the chance to pitch at the finale against different schools.  A $250 cash prize was on the line!

  • Photofly: The youngest group of the night (Jack, Ethan, Marissa and Maddie) started us off with a flying phone: a phone case that is also a drone! Say hello to the new era of taking aerial pictures and videos. Their prototype was amazing and was made with a 3D printer. When asked by the judges what they enjoyed most about working in a group, Jack replied: “taking ideas and turning them into reality.”
  • Beauty Solutions: The smallest group of the night, Romina and Alonso, wowed the judges with their product: an all in one hairbrush. This brush included a mirror, LED light and a container where you can put your favorite hair product. This space saver isn’t just targeted to females, “Alonso plays soccer and is always wetting his hair” said Romina. “So this could be a product everyone could use.”
  • Hop Light Ski Mask: You could tell this group (AyAna, Jessie, Nabila and Zeno) was passionate about their product: a lightweight, polarized ski mask that covers your whole face. We all know that skiers and snowboarders have a certain image they maintain and this mask would make anyone on the mountain stand out!
  • Fidget Liner: Last but certainly not least, this trio (Nadhii, Regent and Gabrielle) amazed everyone with their pitch for a fidget liner to help adults and kids keep focused. They especially target kids with ADHD, and project that 1% of their profit would go to the ADHD Foundation and 1% to Colorado UpLift. Not only would their product give back to the community, it is also made out of 100% recyclable items. Gabriel learned, “I tend to be more talkative then them, [my teammates], but I learned to step back and listen to their ideas.”

Winning team members Regent, Nadhii, and Gabrielle (front) celebrate with judges Kortney Bachelor, Mary Spillane, Joe Sanders, and Jake Calzavara and facilitator Frank.

Judges included Jake Calzavara from Anadarko, Mary Spillane from Comcast, Dr. Joe Sanders from Colorado UpLift and Kortney Bacheller, a volunteer with Colorado UpLift, and they had a difficult decision to make.  After much deliberation, this amazing group awarded the $250 cash prize too….drumroll….Fidget Liner! The judges were very impressed with their high energy pitch and their love for giving back to the community.

A huge thank you to all of our judges, all the facilitators and coaches with Colorado UpLift and for all the students and their families that came out and supported this wonderful event.

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