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Young Americans Center for Financial Education has launched registration for 28 Virtual Program offerings!  These three- or four-day sessions provide fun, engaging activities while preparing youth for the future.  Below is a sneak peak at some of our favorites!

Money Money Money

Students wrapping up first or second grade this school year can take a deep dive into all things money!  Participants will discover the history of money, they will explore money from around the world, and they even create their very own money.  In their culminating mission, they’ll take an international scavenger hunt where they can use virtual dollars to earn real goods.

Three sessions: June 1-4, June 15-18, June 29-July 2

Intro to Coding as a Business

For rising fifth through seventh graders interested in coding, Intro to Coding as a Business teaches the very basics of coding an app!  These skills provide a foundation for an app-based business idea, which participants will pitch to a panel of judges.  Top ideas earn real dollars at the end of the session.  No prior coding experience required.

Four sessions: May 26-29, June 8-11, June 22-25, June 29-July 2

Build Your Own Country

Soon-to-be sixth and seventh graders can create and rule their own country!  Participants will explore the economic, political, and social differences between countries in our world as they work to invent their very own country.  In a culminating mission, participants will share their country and will experience a custom catastrophe they must solve.  Participants will also use virtual dollars to purchase real goods.

Two sessions: June 8-11, July 20-23

Although learning looks a bit different for many families this summer, we know our children all need money smarts.  Virtual Programs are a great way to help your child learn something new while enjoying fun, hands-on lessons.  Register today!

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  1. Thank you for encouraging financial literacy; my Fifth grade twins are worried that our school will not host Ameritowne this year. Might there be an offering ( camp) next summer?

    They would probably like the coding camp or perhaps a program on starting a business.

  2. Post

    Dear McGinn Family, We know that there are many questions surrounding this topic! A member of our Programs staff will be reaching out to you soon via email. The short answer about AmeriTowne is that we aren’t sure yet. But, we do plan to offer Summer Camps again next summer if possible!

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