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Welcome New Youth Board!

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A new school year means a new crew on the Youth Advisory Board!  The 2019-2020 Youth Advisory Board members have been chosen and have all ready kicked this year off with their first meeting Saturday, August 17.

The 18 Board Members that make up this years’ board come from all over the Denver metro area and bring with them a wide range of backgrounds. We look to the Youth Advisory Board to represent all of the youth served by Young Americans Center, as this group provides insight, feedback, and ideas about products, youth programs, marketing, and communications to our adult Boards of Directors and staff.

Two Co-Chairs, who previously served on the 2018-2019 youth board, guide this year’s Youth Advisory Board: Medha Pan and Caroline Burke-Dullinger.  Medha Pan, a senior at Cherokee Trail High School, brings a positive attitude, great sense of humor, and a passion for learning and leadership.  Caroline Burke-Dullinger, a senior at Colorado Academy, brings enthusiasm and charisma about the board and about meeting new people.

Together the Co-Chairs have planned a great year and have set these goals for the Youth Advisory Board:

  • Participate in the process of increasing the financial literacy of the youth of Colorado
  • Create a welcoming environment for the board to feel a sense of community and purpose
  • Develop networking skills
  • Act as a bridge between the youth members of Young Americans and the Adult Boards of Directors

With the help of the Young Americans Center staff and adult board members, members will learn about banking, business, philanthropy, and public relations. They will also learn to network and market themselves as qualified job candidates.  We look forward to working with and getting to know all 18 Youth Advisory Board members!

2019-20 Youth Advisory Board Members:

  • Ethan Cox, 11th Grade, Golden High School
  • Ashley Dunn, 10th Grade, Prospect Ridge Academy
  • Nicholas Fenton, 12th Grade, Kent Denver High School
  • William Forbes, 11th Grade, Kent Denver High School
  • Matthew Gin, 11th Grade, Kent Denver High School
  • Riley Hamilton, 11th Grade, Home School
  • Ryan Lam, 10th Grade, D’Evelyn High School
  • Jaden Little, 9th Grade, Home School
  • Amelia Marcum, 10th Grade, Regis Jesuit High School
  • Isabelle May, 10th Grade, St. Mary’s Academy
  • Parker Murane, 11th Grade, East High School
  • Gabriel Nagel, 9th Grade, East High School
  • Frederick Norman, 11th Grade, Peak to Peak High School
  • Kylie Olson, 11th Grade, Castle View High School
  • Kevin Reyes, 11th Grade, Regis Jesuit High School
  • Raquel Schaffer, 11th Grade, Kent Denver High School

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