Youth Advisory Board at The Denver Post

The Youth Advisory Board Tours The Denver Post

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Youth Advisory Board at The Denver Post

Youth Advisory Board members pause for a photo in the paper storage warehouse at The Denver Post

The Youth Advisory Board switched things up for their January meeting by taking a unique, behind-the-scenes tour of The Denver Post.  A long-time partner of Young Americans, The Denver Post supports the Newspaper Shop at Young AmeriTowne in Denver and Belmar.  In return, Young Americans has an advertising trade agreement with The Denver Post.

The tour began in the paper storage area–a huge warehouse full of paper rolls that lasts only 30 days.  The Denver Post facility prints newspapers besides the Post, including the national Wall Street Journal and the local Boulder Camera.  Leaving the warehouse, Board members made their way into the three-story printing press area and the plate-generating facility.  Aluminum plates are created for each page of the paper, and then large presses print the plate material onto the paper rolls.  After trimming, a complex fly-over system delivers the papers from the printing room to the collating room where machines insert advertisements and special sections within the paper. The final stop on the tour was the new office area where reporters and editors were just starting to move in.

The visit to The Denver Post also provided insight into how news stories develop and end up in the newspaper.  Dana Plewka, The Denver Post Educational Services Manager, explained how reporters gather information, how editors revise stories, and how The Post uses different versions of a story for online or print versions of the newspaper.

Young Americans would like to give a huge thank you to Dana and to The Denver Post for sharing an insightful morning with our Youth Advisory Board!

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