AAA Transports Students Across International Towne

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With advances in technology, our world seems smaller and easier to navigate than ever before. Friends can Skype from different continents, and a quick Internet search instantaneously displays stunning photos of faraway locations such as the Egyptian pyramids. Yet actual travel still requires research, preparation, and most importantly, a passport. Whether you’re travelling to Mexico on spring break or venturing to Singapore in International Towne, you won’t get very far without it!

Luckily for students, acquiring a valid passport International Towne passport is quick, easy and inexpensive. Our partners at AAA Colorado provide passports for every single student visiting Towne—that’s over 11,523 passports a year!   At school, students customize their passport by adding their personal information: name, birthdate, International Towne country of citizenship, and signature. While in Towne, world travelers pick up their photo headshot from Egypt, validating the passport for Towne use. At last, students can travel the world, receiving a stamp every time they enter a new country. They use their handy passports to record spending, manage currency exchange transactions and document acquisition of business noAAA Transports Students Across International Townerms.

Linda Cavanagh, President and CEO of AAA Colorado, notes that “The best learning comes from experience.” Thanks to AAA Colorado, middle school students experience the thrill of exploring new lands, while learning about their role in the global economy. They can do all of this without leaving Colorado!

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