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If you drove 450 miles south on Interstate-25 last week, you would find something typically located only in Colorado–Young AmeriTowne Summer Camp!  Rich welcomes campers at OTR Camp in New MexicoHoused at Central New Mexico Community College, AmeriTowne On the Road camp taught fourth and fifth grade students from Albuquerque how to spend, save, and share their money wisely.

After their return on Monday, Camp Counselors Chris, Ali, Susan, and Harlo shared their favorite camp stories:

  • Ali – Camper Mikayla asked, “Can you stay for 9 more years?”
  • Chris – I’ve never seen so many students dress up for their job interview.  More than 75% of campers arrived in a nice outfit.
  • Harlo – I was asked by one camper to return her completed job application at the end of camp because, “She really liked it.”
  • Susan – Mix, the Mayor started writing his campaign speech on Monday.  After the first election, his speech was torn a bit.  He asked me to help him tape it so that he could save it for his future Yale interview.  He said he thought it would be nice to bring his Mayoral speech from fifth grade to help his college interview.

Overall, the support from UNM staff was fantastic!  They helped unload the Uhaul, set up town, tear down town, and re-load the Uhaul when the week was over.  And, with such great feedback from staff, parents, and community members, Young Americans hopes to turn this one-week summer camp experience into a more permanent partnership.

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  1. Good morning.
    I would like to know if you all are planning to come back to Albuquerque this Summer. My daughter loved camp last year and I would like her to be able to participate again this year. Is Ameritowne returning to Albuquerque?

    Thank you,
    Laura Jones

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