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AmeriTowne On the Road wraps up in Denver

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As 2017 drew to a close, Young AmeriTowne On the Road wrapped up another successful session in Denver.  Proudly presented by KeyBank, this program served 715 students from around the Denver metro area who experienced their first career for a day.  It was held at Young Americans Center in Denver from October 23 through December 15.

An AmeriTowne Newspaper reporter at work

An AmeriTowne Newspaper reporter at work

My favorite part of AmeriTowne is witnessing the extraordinary growth and development of students without them even realizing it.  During one session, for example, bilingual employees in the Bank impressed me when they asked for a raise—being bilingual, they said, meant that they were more valuable employees.  So true!  Another bank crew made a “get well soon” card for their Computer Operator when she was taken to the Medical Center.  Everyone in the shop signed it.

Perhaps my favorite memory from this fall was a day when the employees in the Newspaper Shop completed their paper in record time.  Watching the group cooperate and work hard to produce a quality paper was a real treat.

After a couple of months travelling to Pueblo and northern Colorado this winter, On the Road will be back in Denver starting in March.  A full three months of sessions means that hundreds more students will be able to participate!

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