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Kalen was on the 2007-2008 Youth Advisory Board (front row, fourth from left).

Kalen was on the 2007-2008 Youth Advisory Board (front row, fourth from left).

Kalen Acquisto was a long-time participant in everything Young Americans.  From an early age, she held a bank account and participated in a variety of classes and activities.  As a Program Associate at the El Pomar Foundation, Kalen is expanding her love of philanthropy that started at Young Americans.  Below, in her own words, Kalen shares her passion for Young Americans and the impact the organization had — and continues to have — on her life.

A long ride from the little red wagon to the banquet table

I was bouncing up and down in the Radio Flyer wagon as it clanked along the uneven city sidewalks. People were chanting words of appreciation as the parade marched along celebrating the anniversary of The Young Americans Bank and Center for Financial Education. Bill Daniels, also known as the “Father of Cable Television” and one of the greatest Colorado philanthropists, founded this nonprofit center and bank in 1987. It all started with a vision; this bank was established in response to a group of young students who were denied a small bank loan for their school project. It is a real bank, but designed exclusively for people aged 21 and under. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was the start of my lifelong affair with philanthropy.

Continue reading Kalen’s testimony here, on the El Pomar website.

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