Tales from Towne: Fun Laws!

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The police officers enforce the laws in Towne and hand out fines to citizens who break them.

The police officers enforce the laws in Towne and hand out fines to citizens who break them.

Young AmeriTowne

One of my favorite aspects of both AmeriTowne and International Towne are the “Fun Laws” that each school comes up with. Part of their curriculum is centered on the importance of effective laws for government and to close out the lesson each class must come up with a few laws for their day in Towne. They are first informed of the basic laws that we have mandated since the beginning of our program:

  1. No running
  2. No gum chewing
  3. No leaving Towne limits
  4. No littering
  5. No resisting arrest
  6. No eating or drinking in your shop (with the exception of the snack shop)

International Towne

Pretty straight forward! In the mornings we always emphasize the fact that it is the kids day, and when it comes to the laws this is no different. The adults in Towne are not in charge of policing these laws – that responsibility falls on the police officers in AmeriTowne, and the Peace Keepers in International Towne. Our police officers are sworn in by the mayor during opening ceremony, and once the ribbon is cut they wander Towne administering tickets where they see fit. The officer and the accused then go before the judge who hears the case and determines the verdict with the bang of their gavel. If found guilty the perpetrator must pay their fine by writing out a check for $2.00 to Towne Hall.

The process is slightly different in International Towne; the president of each country reports to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands for their “Peace Keeper” shift. They are trained by the captain of the guard and are released to roam the world in search of law breakers. If caught breaking the law, the Peace Keeper and accused go before a tribunal of justices (wigs and all!) where the verdict is delivered.

Students set their own laws, like "Tebowing" in front of Towne Hall.

Students set their own laws, like “Tebowing” in front of Towne Hall.

Where’s the fun in any of this? That’s where the students’ laws come in, jazzing up all of our days in Towne. I’ve comprised a list of some of my favorite ones of this year so far. After reading through them you may find yourself wishing children could be policy makers, and wondering why real politics can’t include this brand of comic relief.

Favorite Fun Laws

  • Every student in Towne must wear a moustache at all times
  • Walk in slow motion when in the center of Towne
  • Salute the police officers
  • “Tebow” as you enter the bank
  • Dance throughout insert song name here when it comes on (Katy Perry’s Roar is one we’ve had this year!)
  • Enter and leave shops walking backwards
  • Do a barrel roll every time you pass Towne Hall
  • Speak in a foreign accent all day
  • Saying “I work out” in front of the fitness center

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