Concept of the Month: Are You An Entrepreneur?

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You don’t have to be old or have a college degree to be an inventor. Look at these kids! They did it and you can do it too!

  • Mattie Knight- Mill Safety Device, age 12 – She developed a device to shut down a machinery mill when it malfunctioned.  She was also the first woman to receive a U.S. Patent.
  • Philo Farnsworth- Television, age 14 – He conceived of the idea in 1920 at the age of 14.
  • Frank Epperson- Popsicle, age 11
  • Igor Sikorsky- Helicopter, age 19 – He started developing the idea at age 19.
  • Blaise Pascal- Calculator, age 18
  • Louis Braille- Braille, age 12
  • Andrew Heafitz- Lightweight Camera, age 19
  • Chester Greenwood- Earmuffs, age 15
  • Richie Stachowski- Water Talkie, age 10 – He invented a walkie-talkie that works underwater.
  • Krysta Morlan- The Cast Cooler, age16 – She invented a device that relieves irritation when wearing a cast.
Entrepreneurs take risks and think creatively.  Are you ready?

Entrepreneurs take risks and think creatively. Are you ready?

This month our Concept of the Month is Entrepreneurship!  We’re talking about how to invent, how to start a business, and more.  It’s easy to be an entrepreneur.  Here are a few traits:

  • Find a need and fill it.
  • Dream!
  • Keep your eyes open.
  • Be persistent- or even stubborn.
  • Don’t worry if people laugh at you.
  • Be careful, some inventions can be dangerous.
  • Protect your ideas.
  • Take risks.
  • Be willing to fail before you succeed.

Do you think you’re an entrepreneur?  Take this quiz here and find out!  Then come into Young Americans Bank for more information about starting a business.  Plus, check out the Builders Lab for ways to get started brainstorming and making money.  Good luck!

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