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Get $5 when you refer a friend to Young Americans Bank!

Get $5 when you refer a friend to Young Americans Bank!

If you’re a Young Americans Bank customer, did you know you can get $5 for FREE!  Just complete the form here and give it to a friend.  As soon as your buddy opens a bank account, you get $5 in your account!  See all the details on this form.

The number of accounts we’ve seen over the year is pretty impressive.  Check out these numbers:

  • August 1987 – More than 2,000 accounts were opened during the first three weeks of Young Americans Bank Grand Opening.
  • August 1992 – Young Americans Bank celebrated its 5th Birthday and welcomed its 15,000th customer.
  • August 1997 – The Bank celebrated its 10th birthday and had reached over 36,000 customers from every state plus a dozen foreign countries.
  • December 2013 – We have had more than 72,000 customers in the 26 years of serving young people.

With your referrals and help, we’ll continue to grow that number and encourage young people to be financially savvy!

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