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Business “Variety Show” at DSST: Green Valley Ranch

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What do lava lamps, chocolate, and key chains all have in common?  You could find all of these hand-crafted products (and much more!) at the 2019 DSST: Green Valley Ranch “Elective Showcase!”

Seventh grade students celebrated the end of their school year by demonstrating their learning at this energy-filled event.  Nestled between preforming music groups and art galleries, 16 student-created businesses sold products and services they have created through the YouthBiz Out of the Box program.  During this 15-session curriculum, entrepreneurs created business teams, selected products, and completed financials and marketing. E-Ship teacher Nick Nist facilitated the Out of the Box curriculum for the 150 student participants.

Four students stand together selling goods for bake sale

Angelina, Mardea, Sophia, and Nonso show off the Chocolate Delights they created as part of the YouthBiz Out of the Box program at DSST: Green Valley Ranch Marketplace.

The Showcase event was the culminating sales experience for this program, drawing teachers, parents, siblings, and of course, DSST: GVR students.  Attendees found a wide variety of products, all hand-crafted by the students.  Angelina, Mardea, Sophia, and Nonso teamed up to create “Chocolate Delights,” selling brownies and all kinds of chocolate barks including cookies and cream and dark chocolate.  These young women lured shoppers their way with delicious free samples.  Across the hall, a business called F.E.A.R. displayed their colorful, up-cycled lava lamps.  F.E.A.R. stands for the four members of the business team: Felix, Ernesto, Alejandro, and Raymond.

Through real business ownership, these students learned more than just how to create and sell a product.  “We learned about teamwork,” said Angelina.  “Working with a team is way more effective because you can get so much more done.”

For more information about the Out of the Box program, please contact Anna Leer, Vice President of YouthBiz, at

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