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Changing Lives: Alpine Bank brings AmeriTowne to Durango and Beyond

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Alpine Bank’s Beth Drum visited students in the AmeriTowne branch of the bank. Alpine Bank helped deliver this program to 355 Durango-area students in May.

What’s even more exciting than the last day of school?  A visit to Young AmeriTowne!

During the last few weeks of their school year, 355 Durango-area students from eight different elementary schools experienced an exciting day in Young AmeriTowne.  Local presenting sponsor Alpine Bank made this experience possible for a fourth straight year.

Through this portable version of Young AmeriTowne, On the Road visits Durango every spring to bring financial education to local fourth and fifth grade students.  Teachers deliver lessons at school that prepare young people to run their own Towne of nine businesses.  For example, students complete a job application and interview; they open a savings and checking account; and they learn about the difference between debit and credit cards.

For Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary Teacher Janet Clements, Young AmeriTowne is more than just a hands-on lesson in financial education.  “AmeriTowne’s high expectations and high engagement really brought out the best in my students,” wrote Ms. Clements after visiting with her fifth-grade class. “This positive experience changes lives.”

Support from Alpine Bank helps offset program fees, which cover materials, training, curriculum, and the memorable day-in-Towne experience for students in Durango, Grand Junction, and Denver.  In Durango, Alpine Bank provided uniforms for the AmeriTowne Bank and volunteers who assisted students during their day in Towne.  “The students feel a sense of pride working for and doing business with Alpine Bank in AmeriTowne because they see that this is an actual business in their community,” commented Towne Director Chris O’Reilly.  “It makes their experience so much more real.”

Thank you, Alpine Bank, for your impact on young learners throughout Colorado!

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