City of Lakewood and AmeriTowne are full of possibilities

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When 5th graders enter Young AmeriTowne Belmar, they are immediately greeted with a message: The City of Lakewood welcomes you to Young AmeriTowne!  This welcoming spirit has existed ever since Young AmeriTowne opened in Belmar.  Because the City of Lakewood has been such a valuable community partner, we want to shine a spotlight on the important work we’ve accomplished together.

Young AmeriTowne began as a summer camp in 1990, and when a permanent Towne was built the next year, it quickly grew to capacity.  By 2000, there was a 70-school wait list to participate in Young AmeriTowne—clearly a single Denver location was not enough to meet demand.

Thanks to the City of Lakewood and other community partners, Young AmeriTowne Belmar opened in early 2005.  This new facility doubled the capacity of Young AmeriTowne, allowing more than 26,000 youth to participate in this program in 2015.  This increased capacity means that today, 40% of Colorado 5th graders experience Young AmeriTowne.

Young Americans Center is grateful our partnership with the City of Lakewood.  Over the last 12 years, the City of Lakewood has lived up to their motto, full of possibilities, by enabling students to experience financial education first-hand in Young AmeriTowne.

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  1. I am grateful for the AmeriTowne in Lakewood. Young AmeriTowne is reaching more than 30,000 youth every year. I appreciate how they have grown and become an award-winning educational program offered to 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade teachers to help students understand more about free enterprise, economics, and business in a hands-on and fun way.

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