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Colorado and Company: ArtiGami

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Matthew Layden, Sophia Layden, and Mila Baird-Yeung are the proud creators and owners of ArtiGami!  This is a business these young entreprneurs first created in summer camp at Young Americans Center for Financial Education two years ago.  They sell unique paper products including ornaments, picture frames, coasters, Christmas ornaments, and much more.  You can find ArtiGami products at the YouthBiz Marketplace this December.

Read more about ArtiGami below and watch their segment on Colorado and Company!

  1. Tell me a little bit about you – name, age, how long you’ve been an entrepreneur.

Hi I am Matthew Layden. I’m 11 years old, and I’ve been an entrepreneur for 2 years. I also love sports. I play competitive soccer, flag football, and lots of other sports. In my free time, I work on ArtiGami doing origami creations.

Hi I am Sophia Layden. I’m 10 years old and I’ve been an entrepreneur for 2 years. I also love sports and art. I play competitive soccer, I am in Girl Scouts, and I love outdoor activities. In my free time I work in arts and new products for ArtiGami.

Hi, I am Mila Baird-Yeung. I’m 8 years old. I just started in the entrepreneur world, so this is all new to me. I am in the 3rd grade at Swigert. I love art, so ArtiGami was a perfect fit me. I also do ballet at the Colorado Ballet and am on the Loveland ski club.

  1. Do you have a website? If so, what is it?

Not, not yet!  That’s one thing we’re working on.  If you’d like to purchase our products, you can send us an email at

  1. What motivated or inspired you to start a business?

Well, one time we were at YouthBiz summer camp learning about how to run your own business and at the end of the week we put together a mini marketplace selling handmade products. We were selling origami, then we thought that we should make this into a real business. We started with the name Papercuts, a school-wide business, then changed it ChrismasGami, and now it’s ArtiGami.

  1. Please share an overview about your business.

We are a business of art and the folding – our products change whether its Christmas or Halloween or even Day of the Dead. We sell origami ornaments, origami picture frames, tile coasters, decorated ornaments for Christmas and much more.

  1. What makes your business unique?

Firstly, many of products cannot be found elsewhere, like the origami picture frames and origami ornaments, and not many other ideas come even relatively close to our products. Secondly, we are a kid’s business and there aren’t too many of those around. We also like to donate a portion of our business to a cause, and this year we will be donating 20% of our profits to Children refugees.

  1. Tell us about some of the challenges you face being a young business owner.

One challenge is product production because with only three people and so many customers it is sometimes hard to face demand. Another challenge is being prepared for a marketplace. One time we got a new square reader so we could take credit cards but it wouldn’t fit in the phone because it didn’t have a headphone jack.

  1. What do you love about owning a business?

I love the freedom and also being able to innovate new products. One of the most inspiring things is the feeling of helping other kids. For example, this year we are going to be donating 20% of our profits to child refugees and last year we donated 100% of our proceeds to Boys and Girls Club. We got lots of toys for Christmas for them.

  1. Why should other youth start a business?

I believe other kids should start a business for four reasons: 1) to have a good education in money later on in life, 2) to have a fun time learning about having a business, 3) to be independent, and 4) to learn about many business concepts.

  1. Please share your involvement with YouthBiz.

Our business attends many of the YouthBiz workshops and marketplaces, and over the summer, we attend camps there and building workshops. It is so much fun!

  1. Are you planning on attending the YouthBiz Marketplace in December? If so, give a quick “pitch” for why people should attend!

Our business will be attending the December Marketplace! Be sure to come to stop by for a snack or for a unique Christmas gift. Lots of kids sell their amazing products, all unique and are handmade.

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