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Sponsor Spotlight: Learning Supply and Demand in the King Soopers Market

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King Soopers Market Exchange

Student cashiers help a customer in the King Soopers Market.

There is one shop in Young AmeriTowne that sells a bigger variety of products than any other: the Market. Thanks to long-time supporter King Soopers, 5thgrade AmeriTowne customers who visit the Market experience supply and demand in action.

Students first learn about supply and demand when they are at school.  Using a candy bar, teachers demonstrate that an increase in demand creates an increase in cost, and vice-versa.  They talk about how this translates to their own AmeriTowne shops, where students will be able to set prices on the goods that they sell.

In Young AmeriTowne, the lesson of supply and demand really comes to life.  Students see for themselves how quantity impacts price, particularly in the King Soopers Market which looks just like a real King Soopers grocery store. The Market sells anywhere between six and nine products, depending on the size of the school group.  Market employees quickly realize that some of their products are more popular than others.  Rice Krispie Treats and slap bracelets fly off the shelves while dollar gift bags tend to stay put.  Savvy staff members quickly adapt the prices accordingly, helping their shop make a bigger profit.  Meanwhile, customers think twice about whether a slap bracelet is worth nearly 20 percent of their salary.

The value of Young AmeriTowne is that students don’t just learn about basic economics, they actually experience economic concepts for themselves.  Young Americans Center for Financial Education is grateful to the support of King Soopers, which makes these kinds of lessons come to life.

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