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Concept of the Month: Let’s Take a Money Adventure!

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You may already know some interesting facts about our own U.S. currency, such as: 

  • $ The people and symbols that appear on our currency 
  • $ The materials our coins and cash are made of 
  • $ The shapes and sizes of our coins and cash 

But how much do you know about money from other countries? Foreign currency can be very different from our own U.S. currency. It has different people and symbols, materials, shapes, sizes, and even names! Every country’s money has a story to tell, and we can only find those out by taking a trip! 

First, look at the coins and currency below and read interesting facts about them and the countries they come from. Then, take a look at this worksheet, where you can travel to each country and find the currency that goes with it.  Last, use this worksheet to design your own money!

These are coins from China. They range from I jiao to 100 yuan. This system of money is called Renminbi. Paper money dates back to pre-modern China, when paper bank notes became necessary in 618 CE. At one time, China made coins out of bamboo.


These coins are part of the Euro money system, used by more than 23 countries in Europe that make up the European Union. This includes Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, Ireland, and many more. The Euro was introduced with the creation of a monetary union on January 1, 1999. The coins and currency weren't produced until 2002.


These coins are from Canada. Canada's system of money is dollars, just like U.S. money! However, there are some differences. Canada uses dollar coins for the $l (called loonies) and  (called twonies) denominations. Canadian bills are brightly colored so that they are easily told apart.


These are rand from South Africa. It has the symbol


These coins are pesos from Mexico. There are one-hundred centavos in one pesos, much like we have one-hundred cents in one dollar! The peso is the 3rd most traded currency in the Americas and by far the most traded currency in Latin America. The literal English translation of the Spanish word peso is weight.

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