Concept of the Month: Wanna Be A Millionaire?

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help-wanted-sign-stock-illustration_k14615388Do you want to be a millionaire?  Then start now! SAVE your money, get a summer job, invent something the world can’t live without, or start your own business!  To help you get on your way, this month Young Americans Bank brings you seven savvy summer job ideas:

Cleaning Services: Washing windows, washing and waxing cars and boats, cleaning pools, cleaning aquariums, cleaning garages, cleaning small shops and businesses 

Child Care: Babysitting, babysitter-finder service, babysitting for groups, summer play/park groups 

Animal Care: Pet sitting, working at a horse stable, dog walking service, gourmet pet treats, pet clothing, poop pick-up services 

Yard Work: Mowing lawns, edging and weed-eating ser-vice, watering yards and garden beds, weeding service, cleaning gutters, sweeping 

House Sitting/Pet Sitting/Plant Sitting: get mail and newspapers, water plants, feed animals 

Arts and Crafts: Bird feeders, bird houses, bandannas, hair ornaments, jewelry, paperweights, custom button making, hand decorated tote or beach bags, etc

Garage/Yard Sales: Organize and run garage or yard sales 

Once you have an income plan in place, be sure to deposit your money regularly into your savings account!

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