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Creative Ways to Be an Entrepreneur

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Social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, at times, may feel constraining and like we can’t create anything useful or enjoy time together. Here at YouthBiz, we believe you can still have great fun with family and friends while developing your business via online platforms. And we’re here to help!  This week we bring you our top creative tips:

  • While you wait, you can create a website!  If you already have a business, explore some great website platforms such as or Etsy!
  • Explore some photography skills. But you can’t go outside you say? Well, take pictures at home, pictures of different objects, scenes, portraits of people, your animals. Start creating your portfolio.
  • Are you into arts and crafts? Invite some friends online through Facebook Live, Google Meet (if you want it to be more private), or Zoom to join you for an arts & crafts party!  Each person makes a different object–maybe it’s something that they’ve already been selling or a new product.  The idea is you’re all virtually working together on your own projects. Maybe you can lead an arts & crafts class online?
  • Is your child interested in video games? Maybe he or she can create video game tricks & tips to their favorite mobile app game or video game and sell it online as booklets or an online subscription service.
  • This is a great time to start your own Podcast!  Invite family members you live with to be special guests or friends (through online means or calls) to be guests.
  • YouthBiz has some great workshops for youth, and we’re moving many to an online platform over the next few weeks.  These are designed to help you come up with some great product ideas or make your current business even better:
    • Are you thinking about starting a business? We’ll help you craft business plan!
    • Do you already have a business and you are unsure of what to do next? We have a marketing workshop. We’ll show you how to build a website or use social media to boost engagement. Come up with other ways to market your business and/or make money by writing blogs on your website or social media page(s).
    • Maybe you just don’t know what type of business you’d like to start? Our Manufacturing workshops series will give insight on home décor ventures, cooking delicious pastries for neighbors and friends, and much more.

For more information and to sign up visit our Virtual Learning page.  And check back often as we’ll be adding new classes in the coming weeks!

Remember in everything, find a need and create a solution for that need.  Now, let’s get creative!

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