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Mental Health Resources for Families

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With the uncertainty of our current times, Young Americans Center shares these mental health resources from proud partner Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Our hope is that these suggestions help your family navigate what has become a new normal.

Children’s Hospital Colorado writes:

Most parents are appropriately concerned with keeping their families safe from the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and preventing its spread. But there is another aspect of this crisis that you should not ignore — its effect on your family’s mental health.

Grim news reports, the scary reality of the virus, and changes in routine are just a few reasons you and your children may be feeling heightened anxiety during this time. It’s a very natural reaction to an unnatural situation. What matters most is how you react to feelings of coronavirus anxiety and stress.

Experts at the Pediatric Mental Health Institute offer some tips to help you and your kids cope with COVID-19-related anxiety in a healthy way, including how to talk to your child about the virus, showing gratitude, connecting with others, and how to set up a new routine for all ages of children.

Read the full article here.

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