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Sponsor Spotlight: JPMorgan Chase & Co. – Helping Students Foster a Culture of Inclusivity

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Initiative is a word that gets tossed around as habitual business acumen – but finding examples of those that consistently “walk the walk” can be elusive. True initiative is actually instigating impact. This means doubling down on ambitious goals and bringing others along with you, which is a perennial mindset of JPMorgan Chase & Co., an anchor supporter of Young Americans Center for Financial Education. This global leader in financial services has a history of driving student ingenuity and success through hands-on, experiential programs of the Center including Young AmeriTowne, International Towne and YouthBiz.

At the heart of this support, JPMorgan Chase recognizes all students need tickets at the door to access these invaluable life-lessons around personal finance, career readiness and future self-sufficiency. The organization’s commitment provides funding to Send-a-School, a scholarship program that offsets program fees for low-income students. No school is turned away from lack of funding. 2,951 students from 32 schools, (average 70 percent free/reduced lunch) participated in Young AmeriTowne and International Towne thanks to Send-a-School in 2020.

JPMorgan Chase also delivers on a commitment to diversity. Young Americans Center proudly mirrors this same commitment in our programs, where 56 percent of Young AmeriTowne and International Towne youth served were non-white and 58 percent of YouthBiz participants were non-white.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. volunteers Kate Gurevich and Mbiyu Chisholm volunteered in International Towne last year.  Mbiyu is also a new Board Member at Young Americans Center for Financial Education.

Our newly elected Board Member and Chase Branch Manager Mbiyu Chisholm is a steward of this commitment in his lead role for the Colorado Bankers Association’s newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Council.  Mbiyu states, “This Council is working to create change beginning with our Colorado community. Diversity and inclusion are attained through empathy, education and engagement, and reinforced through tangible actions and consistent messaging.”

We are very proud in the nexus of the work by the Colorado Bankers Association and the representation from our own board member, along with the inclusive and engaging financial education provided to Colorado students. Our commitment to all students is amplified thanks to JPMorgan Chase’s commitment to creating “a workplace for everyone.” Thank you Mbiyu!

It’s crucial for good business to follow and honor core values of inclusion and representation. Thank you JPMorgan Chase for “walking the walk” for our students.

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