Reaching more than 30,000 youth per year, Young AmeriTowne is an award-winning educational program offered to 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers to help students learn about business, economics and free enterprise in a fun and hands-on way. The program has received countless accolades for its engaging format and its applicability across all types of student and school demographics.

“I Wish I Had This Growing Up”

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Daniels Scholar Interns Share Their Summer with Young Americans Center

As four Daniels Scholar interns join the staff at Young Americans Center for Financial Education this summer, we couldn’t be more thrilled.  These four individuals help deliver a hands-on lesson in financial education in a professional, fun, and accessible way!

Michelle Lopez helps prepare a lesson for Young Americans Center Summer Camp

20-year-old Michelle Lopez helps prepare a lesson for Young Americans Center Summer Camp. A Daniels Scholar, she is interning at the Center because she loves working with children and is interested in finance.

Michelle Lopez, age 20, is a Finance and Journalism major at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Hoping to become a teacher at some point in her life, Michelle believes teaching Summer Camp is perfect combination of youth education and finance.  “I absolutely believe kids need this kind of education because it’s something they will use for the rest of their lives,” writes Michelle.  “I have friends in other majors who have no idea how the stock market works or about all of the different ways their credit can be impacted.  They would have preferred to learn when they were younger.”

A student at CU Denver, 19-year-old Jessica Vasquez is working towards a degree in Business Finance.  Young Americans Camp enables Jessica to make a big impact and help young people learn this summer.  A favorite moment occurred as participants in the Girls Can Summer Camp ran their own businesses, selling products and crafts they made throughout the week.  “This Summer Camp allowed them to gain important knowledge while also having fun,” comments Jessica.

Twenty-one year-old Sarah Rohde is on-track to graduate from the University of New Hampshire next spring with a history degree.  Experience as a counselor this summer provides Sarah with valuable experience for a future education career in a museum keeping young people both engaged and entertained.  “When going through the lessons on the teaching side, I’ve been struck several times with the thought that I wish I had this growing up,” writes Sarah.  “Being able to help kids gain applicable knowledge and watch their faces light up when they understand something is a gift unlike any other.”

An AmeriTowne alum himself, 20-year-old Steven Asher is majoring in Finance at the University of Denver.  He is passing along the valuable lessons he learned growing up to participating students this summer while gaining skills working with all different ages of youth.  “Watching a kid grasp a new concept is so rewarding, especially when it’s a lesson you did yourself,” notes Steven.

Young Americans Center sends its sincere gratitude to Daniels Fund for supporting these four, outstanding scholars and for providing such a valuable learning experience for Summer Camp participants!

Summer Camps continue for another two weeks at Young Americans Center, and there are a few, limited spaces available.  Register online:


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