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Sponsor Spotlight: Filling the Investment Knowledge Gap with Cambiar Investors

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Here at Young Americans Center for Financial Education, teaching youth about long-term savings and investments is an important goal. Cambiar InvestorsYoung AmeriTowne Investment Shop sponsor and longtime supporter of the Center since 2007 – has shared this goal with us for over a decade.  In the world of financial literacy, investing knowledge is extremely important. According to a 2018 FINRA report, investor knowledge in the United States is extremely low. Only a third of respondents in their study were able to answer more than half of a 10-question investing quiz correctly. Young AmeriTowne takes on educating youth on investing with two important themes: Pay Yourself First and Informed Decision Making.

“Pay yourself first” is one of the most important lessons taught to Young AmeriTowne students. At school when they are learning to use their checking accounts, the very first payment they make is a payment to a savings plan. They have three options for their savings plan: 1) Invest in a CD; 2) Invest in a stock; or 3) Invest in a mutual fund. Through workbook lessons and directed learning from their teachers, students begin learning the features of each option and select which option they believe is best for them based on their risk profile. Students learn the different types of risks associated with each option as well as the corresponding types of rewards (interest rates).

The informed decision-making theme shows Young AmeriTowne students that opportunities are everywhere, yet each has short and long-term consequences. This is shown through activities such as the investment lesson which is brought to life during their time at Young AmeriTowne. The stock(s) they can invest in are various businesses featured in Towne including the Market, Sign and Print Shop Container Store.  Students can change their investment options during the day in Towne based on recommendations of the student investment advisors who are observing real-time information.

Nancy Wigton, Executive Director of Cambiar Investors, spoke to Center staff on why informed decision making at a young as is so crucial. “The sooner youth are exposed to topics such as investment options, interest and risk, the sooner they’ll be able to grasp and understand them and then apply these tools in the future to accumulate wealth. Young AmeriTowne helps students connect important but challenging investment concepts through real world application enabling them to navigate the waters to make informed investment decisions.”

These valuable lessons in financial literacy are brought to life thanks to Cambiar Investors ongoing sponsorship of the Investment Shops at Young AmeriTowne Denver and Lakewood.  There students are given the chance to explore careers as investment advisors and/or see how investing affects their earnings through the programs’ hands-on, real-life experiences. Thank you, Cambiar Investors, for over a decade of commitment to Colorado youth. Your partnership has given hundreds of thousands of students the tools to save and invest wisely.

Want to teach your young ones about investing in the comfort and safety of your own home?  Join us for our Money Matters, Investment 101 class that will guide your child through the ins and outs of what investing is and its many benefits.

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