Investing in Bulls or Bears

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Investing is great, but know some key info before getting started.

Investing is great, but know some key info before getting started.

At Young Americans, we focus a lot of saving.  We talk about “paying yourself first” and we give suggestions for breaking out your paycheck into separate buckets.

One thing that we don’t talk as much about is investing, but it’s something we get a lot of questions about.  This month’s Concept of the Month is all about investing.  I hope that this information can be a great start to answering specific questions that we’re asked all the time.

Here are some great resources to get started:

  • Nine Types of Investing: Many youngsters don’t know the difference between a stock or a bond, let alone know about all the other ways to invest.  This one-pager gives details on the wide variety.
  • Rick Pyramid: This is a great activity for the younger age group (2nd-5th graders) to take those nine investing types and determining how risky they are.
  • Bull vs. Bear: The stock market is one investing option, but the vocabulary can be confusing.  This worksheet offers some fun history and facts on the stock market.
  • Stock Market Quiz: Perfect for 12-16 year olds, this quiz asks a variety of investing questions to get youth more comfortable with the concept of investing.  Find the quiz answers here.

Let me know how you use these tools during the month of June. We welcome your feedback to make our future Concepts of the Month even more helpful!

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