Learning Much More than Business in YouthBiz StartUp Mini-Camp

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Capital One Ambassadors helped with the event.

For many, Spring Break is a time to travel to the beach or go to Disneyland.  But instead, for some aspiring youth entrepreneurs in Denver, Spring Break meant starting a business!

From Tuesday, March 27 to Saturday, March 31, YouthBiz teamed up with three Denver Public Libraries to host mini-spring break camps: Pauline Robinson, Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzalez, and Blair-Caldwell.  The youth entrepreneurs spent all week participating in the YouthBiz StartUp curriculum where they learned how to do research on an idea, build a dynamic team, pitch a business idea, and more!

The winning team from each branch won $100 and the opportunity to go the finals held at the Capital One Café downtown. Representing Pauline Robinson branch was Smart Mark, “Corky” branch was Obstacle Popsicle, and Blair-Caldwell was Coasters DIY, Inc. Each team or individual presented their new-found idea to a panel of five judges.

Smart Mark created the idea of having a system that automatically tells you the definition of a word you may not know when you click on it.

Obstacle popsicle designed a relaxing popsicle for a hot summer day infused with peppermint which helps relieve stress and sore muscles from a stressful and busy day.

Coasters DIY, Inc. created well-decorated coasters made with clay that can also be used as key holders. The concept involved other youth as manufacturers and salesman to provide tools and knowledge about how to gain income.

All the groups amazed the judges. It was a tough competition, but the judges voted Smart Mark for the win of $250!

We’d like to thank all the judges: Janessa Biller, David Dinsmore, Tamara Doi Beck, Richard Lewis, Abby Schwarz.  Thank you also to our sponsors who made this week possible: lunch sponsors MaidPro and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, our grand prize winner sponsor Sakhu Institute, and finally to Capital One for providing a fantastic venue!

We’ll be having another round of Spring Break camps next year, so be on the lookout!!!

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