Patty Salazar and Rich Martinez with AmeriTowne students from Black Forest Elementary.

AmeriTowne Students meet Government Official

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Young AmeriTowne citizens from Black Forest Hills Elementary, a Cherry Creek School, met Patty Salazar last Friday.  Ms. Salazar is the State Bank and Financial Services Commissioner who works for the Department of Regulatory Agencies or DORA.

Addressing the students, Ms. Salazar said that her job is to make sure that banks and credit unions in the state follow the law because, “We want to keep your money safe.”  After students shared their ideas about why following laws is important to them, Ms. Salazar concluded, “I am so excited that we get to partner with folks like Young Americans to make sure that all of you understand how important it is to use the banking system to both save your money now and manage your money as you get older.”

For 10-year-old Tate, an employee of the AmeriTowne College, Patty Salazar’s visit was, “Pretty cool because she helps protect our money.”  Ian, a Doctor in the Medical Center, added that he was glad to, “Meet someone who works for the government.”

President and CEO, Richard E. Martinez, Jr., invited Ms. Salazar to speak to students in celebration of Financial Literacy Month.

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