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Life Skills in Northern Colorado

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Students working in the Bank pose for a photo with Patrick Stobers, President, and Angela Petrucci, General Counsel, Community Banks of Colorado.  Stobers and Petrucci welcomed students from Heiman Elementary to AmeriTowne On the Road on February 5.

The signature AmeriTowne On the Road program visits Greeley for the next two weeks, serving 550 students from throughout the northern Colorado region.  Special guests, including the Mayor of Greeley and representatives from local Presenting Sponsor Community Banks of Colorado, helped kick-off this visit by welcoming students from Ann K. Heiman Elementary on Wednesday, February 5.

Mirroring the beloved Young AmeriTowne program in Denver, AmeriTowne On the Road delivers a hands-on lesson in financial education to fifth graders.  After studying a six- to eight-week curriculum with their teacher at school, students assume roles as student-employees as they run their own Towne of nine businesses for a day.

For teachers, AmeriTowne On the Road is the best way to teach economics and civics.  “These are the skills you need for your life,” said Heiman Teacher Crystal Reed, who has brought students to AmeriTowne for the last three years.  “My students make connections between what they are learning and the real world.”  Her colleague Kayla Schlitz added, “My students truly rise to the occasion.  They are learning so much, but they are also having so much fun.”

Greeley Mayor John Gates laughs with AmeriTowne On the Road students working in the Towne Hall.

The presence of Mayor Gates and Community Banks of Colorado President Patrick Sobers further validated the students’ learning.  “At Community Banks of Colorado, we know how important it is for people and businesses to work together to help communities thrive,” said Sobers, addressing students at the AmeriTowne Opening Ceremonies.  “We are so pleased to be able to provide this experience for you.”  Mayor Gates added, “Most kids your age will not experience this.”

Students, including the Towne Mayor Austin, age 11, were thrilled to participate in the program.  “It was so exciting to meet the Mayor,” said Austin.  His colleague Brooks, the 10-year-old AmeriTowne Judge, chimed in, “I’ve learned about how to write checks and about how the world works.”

AmeriTowne On the Road will reside in the generously-donated Cornerstone Building of Aims Community College until Friday, February 14.  After that, the program makes stops in Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, Aurora and Durango.  For more information about the program or to inquire about reserving a day for your students, contact Towne Director Chris O’Reilly:

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