YouthBiz StartUp Stays Strong South of the Border

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YouthBiz StartUp Mexico Participants Smile for the Camera

YouthBiz StartUp Mexico Participants Smile for the Camera

Since 2018, YouthBiz has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Baja California del Sur (BGCBCS) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, providing YouthBiz programming in Spanish to local youth, 2-3 times per year.  On Saturday, September 18, 2021, BGCBCS held their virtual YouthBiz StartUp pitch competition through Zoom with 30 eager and aspiring entrepreneurs ready to present.  Business ideas ranged from custom party decorations to ottomans made from upcycled car tires to environmentally friendly cleaning products.  All of the business ideas were unique and creative, and all of them incorporated a degree of social responsibility to their mission.  Whether it was utilizing recycled materials, making their own recycled material, or offering a greener product than is currently available, these young business owners are serious about tackling the big problems in their communities and beyond.  Judges from a variety of industries and backgrounds had a heated debate over which business should be awarded the winner.  Ultimately, after more than fifteen minutes of deliberation, the judges awarded the business “Eco Bags” by Alexa, Yetza and Diego as the winner!

Winning team of Alexa, Yetza, and Diego are awarded a 0 prize for their business idea.

Winning team members Alexa, Yetza and Diego receive their cash prize.

Eco Bags is an eco-friendly shopping bag that comes in two sizes: big and small.  The big size can be used for groceries and shopping while the little size can be used to keep a face mask or sanitizer in a safe place where it won’t get contaminated.  The business also plans to employ single mothers as their workforce because they believe single mothers do not have enough time and opportunity to work.  Eco Bags wants customers to know that when they buy an Eco Bag, they are not just helping the environment, but also helping a family.  The company’s slogan, “Creado pensado en todos,” translates to “Created by thinking of everyone.” This slogan represents the consideration of the community and the environment that the three business owners incorporated into the business model.  We can’t wait to see Eco Bags make their way to Colorado!

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