Meet Youth Advisory Board Members: Grant Cramer, Karina Kastelic, and Tyler Naha

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Grant Cramer is a freshman at East High School and a real go-getter! Under his leadership as the student body president at the International School of Denver, the student body rallied to challenge the school’s dress code. Upon reviewing the policy, administrators made amendments and now allow students to wear hats and hoodies.

Youth Advisory Board Members Grant Cramer, Karina Kastelic and Tyler NahaGrant is also a compassionate activist. After a recent visit to Tanzania, he started his own dog walking business so that he could sponsor the education of a student there. He earned enough money to send a student named Winfrida to boarding school for the next two years.

Grant has studied Spanish since preschool and is now bilingual. This skill is being put to good use recording mini episodes for the Money Smarts for Kids podcast in both English and Spanish.

As a cross country runner, he hopes to complete a half Ironman in the future.

Karina Kastelic is a junior at Kent Denver where she also works as a teller at MidFirst Bank and teaches financial literacy classes to fellow students/bank customers. An active Model United Nations participant, Karina developed and taught a public speaking/diplomacy seminar for middle school students. She is also a copy editor for the Kent Denver school newspaper.

Outside of school, Karina is well-traveled, having visited 25 countries. She also enjoys sports, specifically sailing, tennis, and volleyball, because they are a great way to learn collaboration and teamwork, and build resilience.

Tyler Naha, a junior at East High School, is an avid investor, averaging an 89% annual return over the last four years. He enjoys using his knowledge to educate others about the risks and rewards of investing. Tyler is also a top-notch baseball player and hopes to play at a high academic D-1 University where he plans to study either law or business. He credits his athletic experience for teaching him leadership, goal-setting, collaboration and teamwork.

Having attended a full immersion Mandarin school during his elementary years, Tyler is fluent in Mandarin.

As members of the Youth Board, these outstanding students bring a wealth of knowledge and valuable perspectives to the table. It is evident they are destined for great things.

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