Pigs Around Town

The Pigs are Back, with a TWIST!

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Pigs Around TownThe Far North East Branch is super excited to announce this summer’s 2016 scavenger hunt, The Pigs Are Back!!  Win up to $50.00 this summer in a fun way.

Snap a photo with one of our 7 pig cutouts at participating locations throughout Green Valley Ranch and Montbello.  You will have the opportunity to earn $15.00 in the Bonus Pig at the Far North East Branch.  This year the pigs are a little harder to find, try to solve the riddles to locate the pigs.  The Far North East Branch will have the flyers with the riddles staring the week of June 13, 2016.

  1. Take a selfie with any pig you find
  2. Post all the photos to any social media with the tag #PigsAroundTown3
  3. Bring all photos to Young American Bank Far North East Branch and we’ll make the deposit into your account–$5.00 for each photo!

Participants must be under the age of 22. To receive the $50.00, you must open or have a bank account with Young Americans Bank.  New customers receive an additional $10.00 upon opening a new account.

Scavenger hunt prizes are available to the first 750 participants only… START YOUR SEARCH TODAY!!!

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