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Press Release: Money Skills for Youth in Northern Colorado

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February 2, Denver – It is never too early to teach children about money.  Research conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education calls for greater access to financial education as this generation of young people is “overconfident and underprepared” to manage their own finances.

Answering this call is Young Americans Center for Financial Education, based in Denver, which has been providing youth with real-life, hands-on experiences in financial education since 1987.  Beginning on Monday, February 5, the flagship AmeriTowne program will deliver a hands-on lesson in free enterprise to schools in northern Colorado through a portable version called AmeriTowne On the Road.  During the program, students learn about free enterprise, civics, personal finance and workforce readiness.  The culminating experience is a day running AmeriTowne, a real town that includes a Towne Hall, Medical Center, Newspaper and Snack Shop.

Read the full press release.

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