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Tales From Towne: An Unforgettable Day Becomes a Week-long Adventure!

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A Junior Money Matters camper holds an International Towne passport.

It feels like the first day of the 2017-2018 AmeriTowne year was just last week, so how can it be February already?! The year is flying by, which means that in no time at all, summer will be here!

Young Americans Center is already gearing up for summer camps and registration has opened up online. There are so many camps to choose from this year, from building a business, to philanthropy, to Young AmeriTowne. Many participants will be returning campers from last summer. But to find those potential newcomers, you don’t have to look any further than a typical day in Towne.

Each morning, students take their first steps into Young AmeriTowne and International Towne. You can see the excitement and anticipation on their faces, and hear the squeals and giggles as they sit down for their first tour of town. They point to their shops and talk to their friends about how “it’s much bigger than I thought it would be!” Students realizing that they are about to have an amazing day puts so much energy into the room, they could probably power all of Towne with it.

All day long, the Programs Staff gets to know these students through helping them with accounting work, training them on how to make deliveries around Towne, or encouraging them to add a bit more to that newspaper column. It’s easy to see how much fun everyone is having, and that they never want the day to end. Thankfully, we get to tell them that it doesn’t have to! At the mention of summer camps and returning for another day in AmeriTowne, the eyes of students and parents alike widen at the possibilities.

If you know of a student who has visited already or will be heading to Young AmeriTowne or International Towne this year, don’t forget to check out our summer camps.  Help them turn that unforgettable day into a weeklong adventure!

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