Resolve to Be Financially Thoughtful This Year

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Students and society benefit when you include Young Americans Center for Financial Education in your future financial plans.

It’s January, and while New Year’s resolutions are top of mind, here’s some thoughts on thoughtful financial planning for your family and for our community’s future.

Being wise about money is for every person at every age.  Setting a good example is one of the ways we can pass along values of thrift and giving back to our children, grandchildren, and all the children in our communities.

First, a gentle reminder to create or update your will.  Have you named guardians for each of your minor children? Have you updated your will now that older, adult children are financially secure and on their own?

And while you’re at it, please consider talking to your attorney about naming your favorite charities as contingent beneficiaries (while your children are young) in your will.  Or, name a cause you care about to receive a percentage or bequest from your estate when your family is taken care of.  You can save time if you have the legal names and addresses of your charities at hand.  (To join Young Americans legacy group that believes “Every generation deserves a great financial education,” our legal name is Young Americans Center for Financial Education, 3550 East First Avenue, Denver, CO  80206).

Be there for the next generation of with a legacy gift of fun financial education. Cost to you now: Free. Benefit to them: Priceless.

For more ideas on how to pass along your values of thrift, self-sufficiency, giving back and belief in the power of free enterprise to future generations, contact Melissa Englund, menglund@yacenter.org or 303-320-3240.

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