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Summer Campers process a deposit at the Young AmeriTowne Bank

For the past 28 years, Young Americans Center for Financial Education has offered Summer Camps to help youth learn about basic financial literacy topics in a fun, hands-on way.  This summer, Sarah Daly is sending her stepdaughter to camp for the second time—Amy enjoyed Junior Money Matters Camp so much last summer that she’s coming back for more!

Sarah has been thinking about sending her daughter to camp for the last several years.  She fondly remembers attending camp herself when she was an elementary school student, back in 1990 when it was held in the cafeteria at the University of Denver because AmeriTowne didn’t have a place of its own.  Working at the Towne Travel Agency, Sarah learned about, “applying and interviewing for jobs, business advertising, and places to go in the world and ways to get there.”

Even more important for Sarah were the basic financial concepts she learned.  AmeriTowne camp taught her how to write a check, balance a checkbook, and create a budget.  “If you don’t understand money,” Sarah notes, “You’re more likely to end up without it. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it makes staying safe, fed, healthy, and functioning in society much, much easier.”

When she watched Amy run Young AmeriTowne last summer, Sarah also remembered how fun it was to be an adult for a day.  The power and responsibility of being an adult is something that children really enjoy, and it is one of the reasons the AmeriTowne experience is so memorable.

Young Americans Summer Camps offer AmeriTowne and more in week-long day camps for youth who have completed second through eighth grade.  There are just a few open spots left (as of this publication), so parents should be sure to register soon!

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