Alpine Bank supports AmeriTowne Across Colorado

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Alpine Bank Paige and Brian volunteer with OTR Durango

Volunteers from Alpine Bank help students from Animas Valley Elementary and Juniper School in the AmeriTowne Bank.

When Young AmeriTowne goes On the Road to communities like Durango and Grand Junction, we rely on community support to make the program possible.  For the last four years, a valuable partner in this work has been Alpine Bank.

According to its website, Alpine Bank’s commitment to community investment began with the opening of its first branch in Carbondale in 1973.  Alpine Bank Chairman Bob Young thought that giving back to the community would “be good for the bottom line.” He has since realized, “It isn’t good for the bottom line, it is the bottom line.”

With a focus on assisting local programs that support children and education, AmeriTowne On the Road is a perfect fit for Alpine Bank who is local presenting sponsor in the Durango and Grand Junction communities.  During the 2017-2018 school year, 946 students from Grand Junction and 420 students from Durango participated in this hands-on lesson in free enterprise, which means that nearly 1400 students benefitted from this program.  Alpine Bank employees have been personally invested in each location by volunteering their time and by providing uniforms and take-away items.

In Young AmeriTowne, students hold their first job, earn their first paycheck, and run their first business, experiences that help them grow up to be financial responsible adults.  Thank you to Alpine Bank for making this real-life learning possible for so many students!

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