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Sponsor Spotlight: AAA – Travel Tips from the Experts!

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Longtime sponsor of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, AAA Colorado, brings an educational event to Denver this weekend.  AAA’s 2020 Travel Expo is taking place Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1, and if you and your family enjoy a good adventure, there is plenty to see and learn from the traveling experts at this show.  Colorado’s top travel event will be held at Empower Field at Mile High and will feature the world’s best travel companies and authors including presentations from packing expert Anne McAlpin.

Anne is a nationally recognized travel expert, author and above everything else….she is a packing guru!  At the Denver Expo, she will host a workshop based on her book, Pack It Up! The Essential Guide to Smart Travel.  Anne teaches the secrets of packing light and smart, and makes packing fun! Her tips help savy and experienced traveler’s alike pack for any trip; from weekend getaways to lengthy European vacations.

Middle school students travel across the world in International Towne, thanks to support from long-time sponsor AAA Colorado.

International Towne students and families could learn a lot from Anne McAlpin’s presentation at the AAA Expo since she started her obsession for traveling as a student herself!  Anne learned to pack lightly from her first trip abroad – a student bike trip across Europe when she was 16. “We had to pack everything we needed for six weeks in our bike bags,” she recalls. “When you have to carry everything yourself, it really makes you cut-down on what you pack.”

During their day in International Towne, middle school students aren’t packing their bags just yet, but they gaining a hands-on lesson in global economics, thanks to AAA Colorado.

If you have some time this weekend, be sure to go check out the AAA 2020 Travel Expo at Empower Field.

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