Meet a Board Member: Debbie Meyers, Bank Strategies, LLC

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Debbie Meyers, Senior Consultant at Bank Strategies, LLC, will Chair the Young Americans Bank Board of Directors this year.

Young Americans Bank welcomes a new Board Chair this year!  Debbie Meyers, long-time Board Member of the Young Americans Bank Board of Directors, replaces Jim Steeples who retired from the Board at the end of 2019.  Meyers’ experience and passion will allow her to excel in this role.

After earning a B.S. in Economics, summa cum laude, from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, Meyers spent 35 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – Denver Branch.  Her roles included the Bank’s discount window operations, regulatory applications, and finally the supervising officer over the Examinations and Inspections Department.  In this latter position, Meyers was responsible for the bank supervision function for the western zone of the Tenth District, providing oversight for state member banks and holding companies. Her tenure covered two significant industry downturns, and during the most recent, Meyers actively participated in resolving several significant problem bank situations.

Now retired from the Federal Reserve, Meyers continues to offer her expertise as a Senior Consultant at Bank Strategies, LLC.  She consults community banks in the areas of risk management, personnel and succession management, strategic and tactical planning, efficiency studies, and other issues of industry concern.

The Young Americans Bank Board is thrilled that Meyers has stepped in as Chair.  Her leadership will help determine the Bank’s strategic direction, approve and monitor its policies and operating plans, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.  “I can’t think of a more qualified person than Debbie Meyers to lead Young Americans Bank Board,” said Rich Martinez, the President and CEO of Young Americans who first met Meyers at the Federal Reserve Bank when he was a regulator there.  “Her commitment to upholding the integrity of the banking industry and decades of experience are such an asset to the organization.”

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